Paving the way for digital payments

Appia bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and real life payments with true decentralisation, privacy and security through a multi-channel infrastructure

What is Appia?

The digital payment landscape is currently fragmented and lacks user-friendliness. Appia is a payment ecosystem which simplifies cryptocurrency payments, offering a smooth and intuitive solution for both businesses and users.

A digital payments infrastructure bridging the worlds of cryptocurrency and real-world payments.

Accept Cryptocurrency

With Appia you can begin easily accepting cryptocurrency everywhere. Enable cryptocurrency payments in your machines with our Payment Module, at your retail locations with our Point-of-Sale solutions or online with our software solutions.

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Easy Integration

Developers can easily begin accepting cryptocurrency payments in their apps, webstores and automated payment machines by integrating the open Manta protocol.

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Pay on Appia

Customers and users can start making payments on Appia by using any wallet which supports the open Manta protocol.

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