Integrate cryptocurrency payments

Offering your users the option to pay with cryptocurrency is becoming commonplace in the digital market of today. While it seems difficult to implement on the surface, in reality it is made easy by integrating the open and decentralised Manta protocol. This protocol is flexible enough to integrate into your apps, webstores and automated payment machines.

What is the Manta protocol?

Manta is an open payment protocol which is cryptocurrency agnostic and privacy friendly. It powers communication within the Appia ecosystem in order to handle cryptocurrency payments. Manta defines three participants which communicate to make payments possible:

  • Merchant Origin of payment requests e.g. Point-of-Sale, Webstore, App
  • Payment Processor Watches the cryptocurrency network for completion of payments
  • Wallet The cryptocurrency wallet that makes the payment

Manta Protocol Flow


  • Merchant creates order
  • Order contains amount, fiat currency denomination and supported cryptocurrencies
  • Sends order to Payment Processor
  • Waits for payment notification from Payment Processor

Payment Processor

  • Receives orders from the Merchant
  • Creates a payment request with Merchant information and signs it
  • Watches cryptocurrency protocol for payment arrival
  • Notifies Merchant of successful payment


  • Receives payment request via QR code, NFC or Manta URL
  • Wallet validates signature and can issue warnings
  • Sends payment information to Payment Processor
  • Saves payment request for record-keeping upon a successful transaction

Developer Backend

Developers will be able to configure and manage their Manta-enabled devices via the Developer Backend.

This backend is currently in beta testing. You can signup for our Appia Developer Beta today and we'll be in touch.

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Manta is an Open Protocol

Varying jurisdictional requirements require Manta to be an open protocol:

  • No signup process. Merchants and Payment Processors operate individually.
  • Merchants can choose to process payments themselves.
  • Merchants select a Payment Processor based on their requirements, such as privacy, fees, compliance, and level of support.
  • Payment Processors review Merchants before choosing to handle their payments. They can look at a Merchant's company formation, reputation, and regional compliance.

Appia Certification and the Manta Protocol

To help Wallet users have confidence they are paying the correct Merchant within the Appia ecosystem, Manta supports a signed certificate chain, similar to web browsers and HTTPS. When a user scans a Manta code their Wallet will recognise the attached Appia certificate and the user will see the Merchant name authenticated by this certificate. Appia certification is not required to integrate the Manta protocol, however it offers Wallet users peace of mind.